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Social Media Marketing 


Social spaces are where brands interact and engage with the people that matter to them.

We firmly believe that successful online marketing does not simply start and end with Google or even PPC. In reality these are just cogs in what is a far bigger purchasing cycle.

Incorporating social media into your marketing mix is undeniably one of the most powerful catalysts to disseminate ideas, attract brand attention, build links and increase traffic to your site.
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We’ve split social media into 7 main forms; Blogs, Microblogs (Twitter), Social networks (Facebook, Linkedin), Media-sharing sites (YouTube), Social bookmarking (Digg, Readit), Review sites and Forums.

Done correctly, these social media channels will give you a platform to showcase your content, extend your brand positioning and drive relevant audience to your website.
We know social media’s a great equalizer; big brands can be outsmarted without matching their huge investments, and smaller brands can quickly make a big name for themselves.

Using social media marketing increases activity around these top goals:

  • Growth of brand awareness and exposure.
  • Develop relationships and influence your audience. 
  • Greater relevant website traffic and user behaviour.
  • Increased links from appropriate sources.
  • Reach your audience from the research stage, through to purchase. (SEO, PPC and Social media are inextricably linked).
  • Creating a positive brand association and keeping it there.

But we're not just a social media agency, we combine our SEO and search marketing knowledge and toolset to deliver unique narratives about the online customer experience as part of our bespoke client service.

To speak to one of the team please e-mail or call 01684 278026.


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